Free Guide to a Less Stressful Downsize

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Here are my top 20 tips for downsizing.

  1. Avoid tackling the whole house in one go.
  2. Frame decisions as yes-no questions.
  3. Use your new living space as a guide.
  4. Banish the "maybe" pile.
  5. Focus on most-used items (and let the rest go).
  6. Pack representative bits of favored items (not the whole kit and kaboodle).
  7. Cull a collection by asking yourself, "Which is your favorite piece?"
  8. Take photos of the rest of a collection and print them in a special book.
  9. If it's meant to be a gift or legacy, encourage giving it now.
  10. Think twice before selling items on your own.
  11. If there are several items of high value, consider an appraisal.
  12. Understand how charities work.
  13. Target recipients for specialty items.
  14. Try the "free books" tactic.
  15. If it's chipped, broken, or stained, toss it.
  16. Weigh your loyalty to recycling against your available time.
  17. Don't be shy about tossing replaceable items without consultation.
  18. For a price, you don't have to haul it away yourself.
  19. Consider bringing in the pros.
  20. Investigate one-stop solutions if time is tight.

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